Thoughts and instructions to myself

Begin with emptiness

Try not to interfere with false certainties

Try not to impress

The slightest pink is not much but it shows signs of life

Emptiness invites filling

Without technique or enhancement

Nothing is not uninteresting

Insignificance interests me

Between my head and my feet is an empty space without sharp edges

A jelly fish space (H.D.)*

The jelly fish mind checks out things that are too soft, too sweet, too simple, too slight, too vulnerable, too silly,
too pink

Put my nose, my fingertips, my tongue in my eyes

Under closed eyelids use remote control

Mistakes have more possibility than correctness

Pleasure is more inviting than discipline

Moving across soft edges makes it easier to stay in contact

Dwell rather than dart around, "dwell" has weight is slow is soft

Want small things intensely

Be kind to loss

"One cannot give a proof of the existence of what is truer, the trick is to believe. To believe weeping."(C.L.)*
"Is belief a skill, then? Perhaps skill is a question of faith. Yes. It is. Both: it is a matter of taking the leap. Of
passing from the kingdom of logic to that of living evidence. Losing assurance to gain truth. In one fell swoop.
The trick of faith. The trick: what we have no name for." (H.C.)*

Jo Smail

*Hilda Doolittle, Clarice Lispector, Helene Cixous.
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